Our Recruitment Approach

Our approach is refreshingly open and friendly.

We look to maximise the benefit of our work relative to the cost.
Experienced advice matched with the latest solutions and technology helps you recruit professionals that help your business grow revenue, build competitive advantage and enhance performance – maximising your return on investment.

We look to maximise your return on time.
We want to take up as little of your time as necessary because we know that you are busy – we do however need you to spend a little time helping us get to know you and your business.  Think of all that time saved when the shortlist you receive is relevant and the candidates are properly briefed, motivated and interested.  This all stems from the Initial Consultation – we can’t begin to maximise your time without it.

Apart from our research on your company we always start the Initial Consultation with a blank sheet of paper and we always listen – enabling us to propose solutions that are tailored directly to meet your needs.

It is likely your best solution will come from a combination of methods.  We are experienced in all the traditional recruitment methodologies, however, in an increasingly complex and fragmented marketplace a more sophisticated coordinated approach is often required to ensure you choose from the best available talent.

We understand that we represent our clients in the recruitment process, and that often it is the small details that are most important.  We take care of the small details to ensure that things run smoothly.  Recruiting Executives and making career moves is a serious business where the decisions you make can affect your life and the future direction of your business.  We understand these decisions are important and we understand the importance of being open, friendly and communicating directly to ensure that you can make good positive decisions for the right reasons.  We also understand that not everyone in a recruitment process is successful and that prompt and straightforward communication is necessary to ensure a positive impression lasts.

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