Salary Benchmarking

Benchmarking salaries is a useful tool for every business and not just when you are recruiting.  Making sure you are paying market rate is becoming increasingly important in helping to ensure that your business keeps the talent you already have.

Salary Benchmarking provides you with useful information which can be used for:

Recruitment What does ‘the market’ pay for this kind of position?

RetentionAre our salaries still competitive?

Review Are our policies & practices still in line with the chosen market level?

Benchmarking salaries can involve many different factors such as job function (e.g. Finance, HR, Purchasing), geographical area (e.g. North West, London), industry or sector.  The process allows you to compare what you pay, along with your remuneration policies and practices, to similar companies with whom you compete for talent.

We are able to search our networks to produce detailed results which can be presented in a number of ways to suit your needs.

Please contact one of the Partners for an initial discussion or email us and we will contact you.

Client Testimonials

Initial Consultation
This is at the heart of everything we do. We can’t begin to understand your requirements unless we get to know you and your business first.
If you want us to proceed we will provide a detailed proposal based on our discussions. All the key parameters, proposed solutions and costs will be documented and agreed.
Candidate Identification
Tailored to your needs and focussed on sourcing the highest calibre shortlist. We combine traditional methods of Search and Selection with the latest online and social media techniques as part of a wider overall talent acquisition strategy.
Rigorous Selection
We apply a Rigorous Selection criteria to the recruitment process. Looking at capability and cultural fit our interviews and techniques are designed to assess the candidates’ aspirations and long-term aims. This helps us reduce the chances of expectations being unfulfilled on either side.
Presentation of the shortlist along with an assessment of each candidate in relation to your opportunity.
Your Selection Process
Management of the various stages of your interview and selection process, (including any additional candidate profiling). We ensure things run smoothly and that feedback is managed effectively and promptly between all parties.
Offer Management
We manage the offer process and handle any negotiations. Having a third party to control this part of the process is key to achieving a successful outcome.
Post-Acceptance Management
There is often a significant time between acceptance and the successful applicant joining your business. Maintaining a positive contact, particularly during the notice period, significantly reduces the risks of unexpected counter offers or alternative options coming to light.
Post-Placement Care
We make a post-placement commitment to maintain regular contact in a structured manner at intervals that you are comfortable with. This can help significantly with the on-boarding process and ensures any concerns are dealt with before they become major issues.