Can you learn to love your recruiter?

“Many businesses don’t really give much thought to the relationship they have with the professionals advising them on recruiting their most important asset. I consider this to be a big mistake.”  Paresh Majithia, Group FD – Timpson. Can you learn to love your recruiter….?   When people are the most important part of your business can […]

Social media has changed the job hunting landscape

Online technologies and social media have changed the job hunting landscape….are you prepared? If you are really serious about finding your next role it’s not good enough to wait for the perfect advert to appear online and apply. If that’s what you are doing you are only touching the tip of the iceberg.  An increasing number […]

The Rise and Rise of Flexible Working

The days when flexible working was the preserve of the busy Mum are gone. Uptake these days is far broader. We know that more Dads are opting to share the childcare responsibilities but recent figures show that across both genders a new breed of flexible worker is springing up whose motivations go beyond the need […]

De-risking the offer process

The journey from offer to acceptance to start date can be a tortuous one and leave otherwise composed recruiters fraught and frustrated. The current squeeze on the availability of candidates means that this part of the process is unfortunately likely to become even trickier to navigate over the coming months. But rest easy and call […]

CV’s Fact or Fiction?

Recruitment news this week has made grim reading for those taking a dim view of candidates who lie their way through the selection process. The week started badly as Peter Harris, Editor in Chief of online job board Workopolis said “There are definitely some lies that you will likely have to tell in order to […]

Avoid reference checking at your peril

The cost to businesses of a failed hire is all too obvious and the importance of rigorous reference checking cannot be underestimated. Today’s cynicism about just how candid references will prove to be should not deter potential employers from picking up the phone and asking searching questions of relevant individuals. At the very least, employers […]

Salary benchmarking – an essential tool…

Salary benchmarking – an essential tool in today’s candidate driven marketplace? Salary benchmarking allows you to determine where you stand within your sector on pay and is a key component in the struggle to attract and retain the very best talent for your business. Here, most definitely, knowledge is power. Finding yourself even slightly out […]

Recruiters boxing clever …..

Recruiters need to box clever in order to weather Britain’s “looming job crisis” Interesting article by Ravender Sembhy warning of difficult times ahead for recruiters as skills shortages loom large. The chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation has urged the new government to tackle Britain’s “looming jobs crisis”. Kevin Green has warned the […]

Are video interviews here to stay?

Are pre-recorded video interviews here to stay? It seems that pre-recorded candidate interviews are fast becoming part of the recruitment landscape. How do they work and what are the pros and cons? CVs are screened in the normal way and candidates who make the grade are sent a link to log in and complete a […]

Are talent pools “mission critical” ?

“Talent pool” is common recruitment terminology these days but what does it actually mean and how critical is it to your hiring process? Broadly speaking, the term talent pool refers to the pipeline of “warm” candidates who have already expressed an interest in your business to whom you can reach out once the need arises. […]