Interim Project Bid Manager – Outsourced Services

As a subsidiary of a major multi-national company, our client provides outsourced services for a wide range of customers in both Commerce and the Public Sector.

As an outsourced service provider the organization submits bids for new business. The bids are often high value in nature and tie the company into a long term commitment to deliver services for their customers. As such the bids can be complex and in terms of structure and pricing. Due to an large increace in bid volume the business required an Interim Project Bid Manager  as an additional resource.

A combination of targeted advertising, headhunting from other outsourced service providers and contacting commercially minded professionals in the finance and legal professions.

After speaking to six potential candidates from our network, two CV’s were submitted for the role. The role was offered to a finance professional with good commercial acumen who had recently undertakin a  similar assignment.

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