How do you answer the killer interview question?

Like all interview questions we would recommend that you look at your candidate responses in the round before taking a balanced view – having said that this one certainly provides an interesting insight into a candidate’s level of self awareness and their attitude to taking responsibility. The One Interview Question You Need to weed out […]

How to get a pay rise and promotion

If, for some reason, you need any urging to become more proactive about your career and financial future, a new study from Accenture should provide it. The study was designed to reveal how satisfied men and women are at their jobs, and what they plan to do about it, but buried within the results are […]

How to manage upwards effectively – 5 key tips

Managing your manager and managing upwards, these are skills we often hear we need to master in order to get on in our career and stand out within the companies we work. In reality though, what does this actually mean and how do you go about it? The following article throws light on managing upwards, […]

How to manage the Headhunter’s call

It’s smart to give the recruiter a few minutes of your time, even if you’re not actively job hunting. You never know when you might be. We recently came across this article by Joseph Daniel McCool looking at the benefits of positively managing a call from a headhunters and why networking with senior recruiters can […]

CV mistakes you could be making

What constitutes a good CV ?  Are you making any of these mistakes on your resume ? We are often asked to look over someone’s resume to give them an opinion. There are all sorts of truths and myths surrounding what you should and shouldn’t include on your CV and essentially the more people you […]

Key interview questions you need to master

Here are some key interview questions from leading entrepreneurs and experienced interviewers you need to be aware of when you want to make yourself stand out as the most suitable candidate to land that new role. Eight quirky but essential interview questions Source: Real Business 7.10.11 threesixty selection – Management & Executive Recruitment Practice. […]

How to write a strong covering letter.

What does a cover letter need to get noticed? First and foremost don’t write a letter – it may seem obvious but one turned up on my desk the other day along with a CV.  If you’re not emailing your CV along with a covering email or attached cover letter then you have just ruled […]

How to research potential employers

Undertaking research into a potential employer means you have both a better chance of getting the job and making sure it is the right one for you. Usually Job Specifications tell you what is required of you and give you overview on what the company does. But to make sure any decision you make is […]

10 tips for the perfect presentation

Whilst this article is focussed on pitching your business idea in a ‘Dragons Den’ style scenario, there are a lot of helpful tips and advice that are useful in many other business situations; whether you are presenting to the management team or board of directors; pitching your product or service to a new potential customer, […]