Specialist Search in a fragmented marketplace

There is a perception that the job market is full of candidates looking for work and that it will be easy to find the right resource.  There is also a perception that Search & Selection is expensive and unnecessary with so many people looking. 

So why are there so many reports of UK companies struggling to find the right talent when it comes to their professional, management and executive roles, and how can a specialist recruitment firm help in these challenging times?

There is also the added complexity of ‘corporate prisoner syndrome’ with many candidates wanting to move but not wanting to be seen to be actively looking because of an uncertain economic outlook. This has led to limited risk taking with professionals increasingly reluctant to be seen to be looking or to lose control of their CVs to the online job market.

The reality is that the recruitment market becomes increasingly fragmented with every passing year, with a single method of approach unlikely to yield the best results.  Finding the best talent means combining different methods as the right candidate could be found in a variety of places, and increasingly this involves accessing the talent pool of candidates that isn’t actively looking for a position as well as the talent pool that is looking but doesn’t want to be seen to be. This can prove tricky for many companies who have relied heavily on one approach in the past – what happens if the talent in that pool is no longer pursuing adverts or visiting online job boards, for example ?

This is where a specialist recruiter can be of particular benefit, delivering a wider sourcing strategy and access to a well honed network of professionals in a specialist area. 

Delivering a wider sourcing strategy

Beware of companies that claim that pure headhunting is “the only way”, or that companies do not make good people redundant, or that advertising only attracts people who are looking and are desperate for a job.  As we have discussed the market is fragmented, there may be reasons why one approach is more suited to a particular requirement or another, however it is increasingly likely that several sources will need to be mined.

It doesn’t matter where the shortlist emanates from so long as it is always first rate. By combining traditional methods with social media and the network honed by a specialist within the area you are looking to recruit, it is possible to bring together a fully researched and well balanced shortlist of highly qualified individuals. Specialist Search & Selection ensures the quality and speed of delivery that organisations need in current times.

The qualification process

If candidates aren’t actively looking a direct approach about your specific role means they can be “qualified” professionally as to their interest in and suitability to the opportunity. A full briefing about the company and the role provides a positive impression about the seriousness and the professionalism of your organisation and intentions before any meetings take place.

Understanding the client and finding the Complete Natural Fit

Good headhunters understand their client and the company they are representing in some detail, from the products and services offered through to the cultural fit of the organisation as well as the personality of the future boss. Most good headhunters also have a strong intuition and can pick up on any aspect of strength or weakness and drill down accordingly. They can summarise the opportunity succinctly and sell candidates on the real benefits. 

At threesixty selection we look into areas such as cultural fit, personality, ambition, aspirations and long-term aims.  In short, we look into all those areas which go into making the placement a lasting and successful one, reducing the chances of expectations being unfulfilled on either side.

We are confident our approach works.  We even offer a 12 month placement guarantee, so our clients have the time and confidence to assess the placement in the role and ensure you have made the right appointment for your business.


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