Growth in demand for specialist Recruitment

As business confidence continues to steadily improve and the market for professional talent becomes more competitive, threesixty selection are seeing strong evidence of a growth in demand for our Specialist Search & Selection services and for specialist recruiters with strong networks and the ability to go out and directly source the best talent.

Judging by this recent article in the US this has become a developing trend over there, and so often in business what develops in the US follows here.  The article highlights how US companies are increasingly turning to recruiters with expertise in headhunting and networking, rather than those with experience processing online applications. ‘Rather than sift through mounds of online applications, we are going out to hunt for candidates themselves. We need to reach candidates earlier, before they’re being pursued by our competitors’  – comments one company in the article.

This move to a reliance on recruiters with strong networks is the area where we feel specialist recruiters like threesixty selection can add real value to the clients process.

View the full article here – ‘Recruiters rethink online playbook’

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