Body Language tips to help you find the right fit

The search for competency, intelligence and cultural symmetry in prospective candidates are all important filters when recruiting, but often a good briefing and lots of research helps a candidate become well practiced in answering these questions.Some basic techniques in how to read Body Language can help any interviewer look beneath the surface towards how a person thinks, reacts and assimilates. Learn the art of body language and discover immediately the candidate’s penchant for honesty, openness to criticism and interpersonal IQ.

Study the eyes, hands and feet. Do the eyes search the right (creative) or left (logic) side of the brain when responding to a question? Do the hands touch the mouth, eyes and/or ears when the candidate is speaking (classic expression of dishonesty or deception)? And do the feet interlace below the table during conversation (unsure or holding back information)?

There are reams of material written on the subject, and these simple techniques shouldn’t be taken as conclusive in relation to specific questions.  The list of anatomical expression is endless, but with just a little understanding of the signals, the interview can quickly go beyond a mining expedition to include an observational assessment.  Both techniques will yield productive results, but the observation will help to take you beyond the presentation to the intent.

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