Are your salaries competitive?

Ensuring you are paying your management team the market rate is essential whether you are looking to attract the best talent, or whether you are looking to ensure you retain the talent you already have.

We are offering a free, one hour, no obligation consultation on salary benchmarking. In the hour we can cover anything you like relating to remuneration, whether its a specific issue or a more general enquiry.

Salary Benchmarking provides you with useful information which can be used for:
Recruitment: What does ‘the market’ pay for this kind of position?
Retention: Are our salaries still competitive?
Review: Are our policies & practices still in line with the chosen market level?
Benchmarking salaries can involve many different factors such as job function (e.g. Finance, HR, Purchasing), geographical area (e.g. North West, London), industry or sector. The process allows you to compare what you pay, along with your remuneration policies and practices, to similar companies with whom you compete for talent.We are able to search our networks to produce detailed results which can be presented in a number of ways to suit your needs.

To arrange a confidential meeting with one of our Partners, free of charge and without obligation, contact us today on 0161 973 0133.

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